Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Hurt?

Most people describe the sensation as more annoying than painful, but it does indeed hurt. We like to compare getting tattooed to receiving a cat scratch. The pain level does somewhat depend on where the tattoo is being applied – as some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. For example: The ribs, sternum, and tops of feet are more painful than the arms.

How Long Will It Hurt After My Tattoo Is Completed?

After the tattoo is completed it should feel like a sunburn for a few days.

How Long Does It Take?

There are a few variables that determine this… The size, the location (meaning where the tattoo is being applied on your body), the amount of detail involved, and most importantly – how well you sit.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are not discount tattoo artists. That said, we are certainly not unreasonable in our pricing. Depending on the complexity and amount of time we need to tattoo you, artists charge $125 per hour. You will be getting top quality work for middle of the road prices, and our work is guaranteed.

How Do I Properly Care For My Tattoo?

The answer to this question could vary depending on what stage of “aftercare” you may be in. For a detailed list of instructions, please see our Aftercare page

What Should I Put On My Tattoo?

Depending on what stage of aftercare you in will dictate what should be put on your tattoo. Please see our Aftercare page for a detailed list of topical applications to help care for your new tattoo.

How Long Will It Take To Heal?

Tattoos usually “appear” to be healed within two weeks, but this is only the surface layer of skin. It generally takes about 30 days to completely heal a tattoo.

How Long Should I Wait To Shower?

You may shower immediately afterwards. Just be careful! Use non-fragranced anti-bacterial soap (like Dial Gold) and wash your tattoo with your bare hand. DO NOT use anything abrasive like a washrag or a loofa. Dry your tattoo with clean, dry paper towels.

Can I Go Tanning?

Avoid tanning and prolonged sun exposure for at least one week afterwards. Artificial tanning beds and the sun are tattoo killers.

Can I Go Swimming?

Chlorine is damaging to new tattoos and will pull the pigment out. It is best to wait a week before going swimming.

What Is Better, Black and Gray or Color?

This is personal preference. We strive to provide you with a tattoo that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.  We recommend that you go wtih what YOU like.

Should I Tip My Artist?

Artists work on commission. You tip a waitress for bringing you a beer. A tattoo will last longer than “last call.”

Can You Fix A "House Party" Tattoo?

Depending on many factors we can generally repair, camouflage or completely cover most “bad” tattoos. Contact Us to consult on cover up work.

Do You Do Tattoo Parties?

No. We pride ourselves on working in the cleanest environment possible and work best in our own space. However, we will close the shop to the public if you can guarantee at least six tattoos.


Still Have A Question?

One of our artists will be happy to be in touch.